1 BTC = 1203.51 EUR
1 BTC = 1203.51 EUR

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About payments

Are there any payment limits?

There are limits depending on your verification tier.

  • Anonymous users: limited to 1,000 EUR transactions per year (Euro deposits are not possible)
  • Tier 1 users: limited to 15,000 EUR transactions per month. The highest single transaction is 15,000 EUR.
  • Tier 2 users: limited to 50,000 EUR transactions per month. The highest single transaction is 15,000 EUR.

Can I make Cashila payments when I’m overseas?

Sure. All you need is to be online.

What kind of payments can I make?

You can make payments for whatever bills you receive to your home mailbox or your email inbox: energy, water, phone, insurance, rent, mortgage, newspaper subscription, flight tickets, travel costs ...

You can also top up prepaid credit cards or transfer euros to any bank account.

How long before the recipient receives my payment?

If you submit your payment before 17:45 pm (CET) on a bank business day, we will process it on the same day and the recipient will receive the payment the next business day.

If you submit a payment on a weekend or public holiday or if you’ve missed the 17:45 pm time frame, we will process your payment the next business day.

However, it may take up to 3 business days for the recipient to receive the payment. Rarely, but it can happen. This is due to banks and their “2-3 business days to receive and process the payment” policy.

Can I get a receipt once I’ve done a payment?

Of course. It is in your account. Once the payment has been processed, there is a “Print receipt” in the left bottom corner. You can save it, email it or print it.

What if I made the payment but the recipient says they haven’t got it?

Print a receipt for the payment and send or email it to the recipient. If that doesn’t help, send us a note with your payment details to support@cashila.com and we will look into it asap.

I made a mistake. what can I do?

No problem. Describe your problem at support@cashila.com and we will sort it out together.

How many confirmations does it take to accept a bitcoin transaction?

We require 3 confirmations to complete your transaction. That does not affect your exchange rate in any way. We guarantee you the same exchange rate as at the time of initial payment.