1 BTC = 1203.51 EUR
1 BTC = 1203.51 EUR

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We are the people behind Cashila.

Tim Mitja Zagar

Infatuation with technology and business is part of my DNA. I have a drive for establishing business models which are yet to find their place on the market. The first time we were truly breaking grounds was with OpenHours. Back then the iOS market was a blank paper, similar to bitcoin today. I am amazed by the possibilities of the bitcoin and blockchain, which I believe is the next great thing after the internet. With the possible exceptions of experiencing various world cultures or riding a board of any kind.

Jani Valjavec

Developer, thinker, doer and predictor of the future. Always amazed by the new: new technologies, new places, new experiences. Cryptocurrencies were the new that sucked me in, as I believe they are a disruption that will enable unforeseen solutions for our society. Truly amazed with Bitcoin and Ethereum. Besides traveling in good company I enjoy kiteboarding, snowboarding or any other adrenaline sport.

Ales Lekse

I have been writing software since I was a kid and been doing it for a living and for fun ever since. I excel in missing deadlines, and introducing interesting new bugs. At the office you can recognize me by having my earphones on. For what time I am not scribbling with the code I enjoy hiking, watching movies and other sources of procrastinations.

Ervin Ursic Kovac

When you combine passion for modern technology and a law degree, you end up exploring a lot of uncharted territories. Sometimes you strike gold, or, in my case, Bitcoin and blockchain, which have been my personal and professional topics of choice for quite some time. As I’m always on the hunt for new knowledge and experience I found myself in the middle of something extraordinary – Cashila. To offset the modern, there is my love for cars and everything with an internal combustion engine.

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