1 BTC = 1099.20 EUR
1 BTC = 1099.20 EUR

The bridge between
bitcoin and euro.

Pay bills, send and receive money. Fast.

EUR transferred via Cashila

How Cashila works

Make payments
Use bitcoin to pay bills and wire euros to yourself or anyone else. No deposit needed.

Make EUR payments directly from your bitcoin wallet.
Receive payments

You or anyone else can send euros or bitcoin to your Cashila account. Received bitcoins will convert to euros. Keep them or make a transfer.

Receive funds via bank transfer or from any Bitcoin wallet to your Cashila account.

Who is Cashila for?

Get paid faster
If you’re working on a project with a European client, get paid via Cashila. Receive fast payments in euro or bitcoin. Keep it, transfer it or convert it. No monthly maintenance fee.

Here's how
Migrant worker
More money for your family
Traditional ways of sending money are overpriced and take time. Send euros back home with Cashila: transfer is fast, secure and recipient can exchange it into local currency or spend it online.

How it works
Bitcoin enthusiast
Live on bitcoin
No more banks for you. Pay your bills, send money, receive payments or cash out your bitcoins. Your only cost: 1% fee on the incoming transactions. No hidden fees. Find out more.

Find out more

Why choose Cashila

We are a licensed small payment institution, authorized to execute third-party payments.
No bank account needed
Receive money from friends, business partners or family. Cashila may even replace your bank account.
We charge a 1% fee on incoming transactions only. An additional fixed fee of €1.00 will be applied to all fiat deposits. No maintenance fee or any hidden fees.
Quick, safe and efficient
No initial verification. Sign up and start making transfers immediately. With blockchain technology the result is fast, cheap and secure transactions.

Don't just take our word for it

It's so easy to pay bills, make a transfer or order online with Cashila. It's perfect for young entrepreneurs like me, who are constantly in contact and in business with people from all over the world. I always like to try new things and support new services, especially instead of 'dirty' old banks. I see a great future for this service.
Ales Ogorevc
I have used Cashila a couple of times to pay for my son’s tuition. Not only was this faster, it was also cheaper and more convenient than alternatives. Highly recommended.
Lyuben Belov
I want to pay my invoices with bitcoins and there's no better service then Cashila. Affordable, convenient and hassle-free. As 'banking' ought to be.
Peter Trcek

Integrate our API into your app or website

You can build innovative solutions that process bitcoin and euro transactions however you like.

Create something amazing.
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